Conversations in my sleep

Apparently I talk in my sleep. I rarely remember this because, well I’m asleep when it happens. The Boy just holds me until I stop babbling and fall back to sleep

I woke up this morning filled with righteous ire because the Boy had been talking all night.

Me:*smugly* Hah, I’m not the only one who talks in my sleep
The Boy: You started it!

Last night, according to him, we had this conversation:

Me: *grabbing his arm* I thought you were dead
The Boy: Mmmh
Me: But its OK… you were just a spider
TB: Huh?
Me: *lapses back into spider-filled dreams*

Whereas last night, according to me, the Boy said:

The Boy: *normal voice* When you call your sister does she answer or does she hang up?
Me: Ugh
The Boy: *satisfaction dripping from every word* Thought so

I want his dreams.
Or at the very least I want to remember mine. Dead people turning into spiders, sounds interesting…


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