Quit it

Seriously, I am so sick of reading about how old/ugly/weird looking Sarah Jessica Parker is. Hadley Freeman sums up the discussion much better than I can. Not that I would ever read the mail/Telegraph/Maxim because I have betters things to do than digest badly written misogynistic bile. Frankly I don’t think she cares what a bunch of pre-pubescant, balding, overweight fugly Maxim journalists think of her. Because really when you start making cruel comments about other peoples appearances you are opening yourself up to a work of of pain. (Note deliberate irony here)

There are, of course, journalists that would make the argument that as an actress you operate in a public sphere and therefore open yourself up to criticise.

But, no. Because its only if your female that your subject to the gaze and judgement of everything in the public sphere.

Also Sharon Stone – shut up. Rant over


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